You love your family, don’t you? Think a moment.

How long haven’t you washed your curtains? 1 year? 2 years? Or you have never washed it since you hung your curtains?? Eeeuuwwww!

You still let the curtains hang up for many years and being exposed to more dirt and dust. Is this the main reason why you have curtains?

Without you knowing, you let your family lives in dirty environment. Your curtain gathers dust, pollen and mold spores and invites bacteria to live in.

And these bacteria will attack your whole family in silence. They keep silence until they bring you and your family asthma, allergen, and even skin irritation.

This will put pressure on you and your partner because both of you have to spend a lottt of money on medication and treatment.

And when pressure increases, you and your partner will start to fight every day and eventually lead to divorce because both of you can’t control this problem anymore.

Don’t let the rest of your life traps in your album and memory. You need to take a wise step before all this happens.

Please clean your curtains for at least once per year or if you want to clean once every 6 months, you are the best parent. And don’t forget to dry your curtains as to kill the evil bacteria.

If you feel burdened to wash yourself and don’t have time to wash your curtains, you can find an expert that can help you to clean your curtains.

They are ready to consult you on the best way to clean your curtains and give suggestion on either you need to perform dry clean or normal washing based on the fabric of your curtain.

If you send your curtains to the expert, you don’t have to hurt your body and get sore back as they are doing EVERYTHING for you: from washing and ironing and hanging your curtains to ease the burden and avoid risk of injury while hanging them.

Feel the difference after you send it to an expert. You don’t only provide clean air to your family, you also can save your family’s relationship from the disintegration.

Be a good parent. Save your family from the threat of disease even from your home. Don’t let your family stay in memory because of your dirty curtains.

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