Many people are able to own saree but can’t keep it well.

Every Indian bride loves her sarees. Be it any occasion before or after her own wedding, saree can be the perfect outfit for her to wear. It can make her look glamorous at a party as well as elegant at a wedding function.

But most people think that washing saree is as easy as getting into the normal washing machine. Oops! Actually, it’s not a good technique. Why do you act like you know everything but in fact, you don’t?

If you do such thing on your favorite and expensive saree, you may be forced to buy another one at the same cost (or perhaps moreeee😱 ) because you can’t wear it again. You see? You buy a saree which costs you thousands only for once? Such a waste!

Over the years you work hard to save money for a saree, finally, the saree is just damaged because of your negligence. How pathetic!

You need to know the type of fabrics before you wash them. For example, silk sarees. These are the delicate pieces and thus to be handled very carefully.

You can wash this fabric by using hand wash at home. Yes but you need to keep in mind, if you use wrong technique, you will never see the saree again as the saree will be damaged.

If you are afraid that the color of the fabric will fade when you wash it by yourself, ah-haa no worries! Just send it to an expert. They will dry clean your expensive saree.

Dry cleaning helps to return garments to a “like-new” condition using precautions to prevent shrinkage, loss of color, and change of texture.

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