9 Things You Must Ask Your Cleaning Service Company

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With more and more women joining forces with men to support the economy of country and finances of the house, there is an increase in demand for house help and maids. Many people will prefer to hire maids from reputable companies that run proper background checks and cleaning companies who provide professional-level training to their employees. The heightened demand has also created an opportunity for many amateurs to set up cleaning services companies and agencies providing maids that are looking for easy money. This has infected the market making it hard to filter out quality service providers from the thugs who just want your money with little professionalism and no work ethics at all. You don’t want a company sending employees to your home without a background check. What’s the point of hiring a house help if you have to follow them around the house because you don’t trust them at all? It is not like any other service you get, it is more like a partnership because you need a company that understands and share your goals and you can trust them with your money, house and chores.

Before you let any company’s staff in your house and let them take charge of your house cleaning you need to know they are worth your trust and money. Unfortunately, many service providers will promise you anything just to get your business and more often than not they fail to deliver what they promised. This disappointing experience can give you trust issues towards cleaning services company for a lifetime, therefore it is important to have a checklist for scanning fraudulent from authentic service providers. Luckily we have come up with a short and crisp list of questions you can ask your cleaning services to see how much they really care about and what they are committing with you? It is a given that you spell out each and every service you are expecting and get an exact quote for it after they have visited your location, but in addition to that following questions can help you figure out if you are dealing with a reliable company or not.

1) How long you have been into business?

While there is nothing specifically wrong with giving a chance to beginners because everybody needs to start somewhere, but experience matters. You will be able to get a better price by showing a willingness to give an opportunity to new business for creating a good reputation in the market. They might offer you discounts for giving them leads as referrals. On the other hand, if you are not into taking a risk with newbies it is best to inquire how long the company has been doing business and ask them for any referrals to confirm their words.

2)What does your hiring process look like?

It is important for you to know what kind of people you are letting in your house and meddle with your household. Do they heir just about anyone who shows up (unfortunately many cleaning companies do that) or do they look for any skill set?  Ask if they conduct background check-ups and look for drug abuse and criminal history. It will be great if they ask for references from previous employers and then verify with the old employers. If they are lazy with their hiring process they are not really keen on delivering you the best.

3) What kind of training do you give to your staff?

Good companies always give a substantial amount of training to newly hired employees and sometimes give training to an older staff member on a need-based basis. It is an important part of integrating the newcomers in the system of the company and introducing them with protocols, products and procedures used to provide the on-site cleaning.

4) Will you send a different employee every time or I can get the same people on a regular basis?

You will obviously appreciate a consistency so you do not have to start over again every time, showing around the house help and discussing your needs with them. It is important to hire the right people for a job, but it is even more important to know how to keep good people. In the cleaning industry, the turn over rate for many companies is really high. While it is understandable that not many people look forward to being a janitor as a lifelong career and do it for a short time period, consistency is essential for companies. Good companies treat their employees as assets and know how to keep them happy so they do not leave. No wise businessman will want to go through the process of hiring employees, training them and then seeing them leave just a few weeks later. For this, they offer attractive incentives and supply encouragement in abundance.

5) Do you have any non-cleaning staff for management and customer support?

Many small-sized companies will have a one-man army performing customer support and management tasks, sometimes that same person is working on a site too. This will eventually translate into poor services leaving you dissatisfied. Make sure their business has a proper corporate structure in place. 

6)What system do they have for inspections and feedback?

When you are paying for any services, accountability is something you need to ensure. What will happen if you are not satisfied? How do you prove that services are not up to the mark? Do you take pictures and email them to the customer support or complaint department or you call them and someone will be sent to you for inspection? It is important to deal with a company who has a solid plan for dealing with such situations.

7) How do they prefer to communicate with clients and employs?

Some companies might use text messages and emails while larger companies might have apps for updating the clients and staff about booking, due payments, the release of payment and any issues and delays. It will also give you an idea of how soon your queries will be answered and your requests are met should you have any. 

8) Where do you buy your cleaning supplies from?

It is important to choose a company that only uses environment-friendly led and mercury-free, safe products. You should also inquire if they are making purchases from wholesalers because if they have low-profit margin the will charge you more and vice versa. Also, inquire if they regularly inspect there cleaning chemicals for expiry and dates and other quality-related issues.

9) What kind of insurance do you have?

For all professional companies, it is common practice to have insurance in place to cover for any on-site damage. If they do not have an insurance that will cover damage to window glass they may refuse you the services to clean window panes. You might find this out only after you have paid your advance payment and there would be no going back. It’s better to dig in deep for information as much as possible.

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