Industrial Garment

Few are the customer support and performance firms.

The Laundry place provides a wide variety of pharmaceuticals, catering, food-processing and industrial apparel that blends comfort and elegance, longevity, and protection, to ensure that your staff looks and feels the finest, every day.


Anxiety of compromising the performance of the corporation’s uniforms. Should be troublesome for corporate companies to simply trust laundromats with their daily uniforms. Trust issues are mandatory factor that faced by almost all corporations.

Distress is what you might face with this type of minimal issues evolving. In conjunction with that, you risk the standard of your garment. Fret not, trustable laundromat is what you need. You need to seek for possible solutions that associates. The Laundry Place, supplies exclusive amenities in handling fabric and materials with extra care. We seek to provide attentiveness on fabrics and its materials. Moreover, we are deliberately punctual in delivering corporate garments before the deadline.

You gain assurance!  No worries you shall shed. We have got you covered with our premium services. Fragrances are inclusive with fancy to fresh scents that you can devour. What are you waiting for? Hurry up and hit us up now for high surety.


We understand that you invest a lot of time, energy and money to understand and serve your customers.

At The Laundry Place we will complement your efforts by providing high quality food and service clothing so that every employee looks and feels truly professional. Palsgaard is one of the world’s biggest food producers. It is one of the companies which used our services

Your clothes are cleaned, sanitized, repaired and shipped on a regular and agreed schedule.


The Laundry Place offers a variety of neat, tidy clothes and stains & tidy. Because when your people are the first to fight pollution, then it is necessary to choose quality.

And with service will always have a fresh and smart uniform on the doorstep of your business – every day of the week.


Fear of losing the efficiency of corporate uniforms. It would be difficult for businesses clearly to trust laundromats with their everyday garments. Trust problems are a necessary challenge faced by almost all companies. Don’t worry, efficient laundry is what you are after. You need to search for potential ideas that you associate with. Laundry Location, supplies with additional care specific equipment for the handling of fabrics and materials. We try to give importance to the fabrics and their materials. In addition, we are intentionally on schedule to produce corporate clothing before the timeline. You ’re likely to get certainty! Do not mind, you will shed. We have got you shielded by our premium services. Scents are full of fresh fragrances that you can devour.