About us


The Laundry Place (TLP) was establish in 1 September 2013. We expanded from initially one outlet to currently three outlets within less than a year in the business. Our services include:

  • Walk-in Customers
  • Corporate Customers
  • Investment opportunity in self-service laundromat under our brand for prospective investors


Experience TLP service at out Self Service & Full Service Laundromat Outlets:

  • Self Service Outlets: Coin operated self service laundry service at out state-of-the art outlets
  • Full Service Outlets: Let our staffs professionally handle your laundry
  • Washing: cold, warm, hot
  • Drying: tumble dry, hang dry
  • Dry Cleaning
  • Pressing
  • Household Items & Carpet
  • Anything in between
  • Selection of laundry perfumes
  • SMS notification when your laundry is ready for pick-up


Outsource your company’s laundry to us so you can focus more in your main business. Daily/Weekly pick-up and delivery is complementary.

We serve hotels, factories, spas, schools/universities, film studios, theme parks, government agencies etc. Laundry list includes staff uniforms, linen, film costumes and others.


Invest in our self service laundromat package and partner with us using our brand and concept. Coin operated self service laundromat is a recession proof, automated, and proven business model that could generate consistent passive business income for our investors/partners 24/7/365.