Loose Covers Look Beautiful When Clean


Different Fabrics with Different Cleaning Methods

These loose covers can be an amazing thing which can change the look of your old sofas and other upholstery. You don’t have to change your sofa set, again and again, to have a new look for your room, instead change the covers and the task is complete.

Some sofas have the choice to remove the whole frame cover and some only have removable cushion covers.

In any way you can have variety and change is always refreshing. But how to maintain these covers as it is not every day you do the exercise of purchasing a new set and then have it sewed. There is a variety of cushion fabrics and they have to be cleaned according to their make.

Some can be machine washed some cannot be, the label says it all. So never forget reading the label before conducting any of the methods.

If dry cleaning is indicated then do not go for a machine wash and if the case is otherwise then you can avail the method easily.

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