Curtain Cleaning Hacks from Professional Cleaning Service

  1. Curtain Cleaning Hacks from Professional Cleaning Service

Curtains add beauty and style to any living space, but they also function as a barrier for sound, dust, pollution and sunlight. The prevent the dust and pathogens from entering your home environment. While they block these harmful elements, these can accumulate and even grow on your curtains, making them appear old, dusty, and dirty. If left unattended for a longer period of time curtains can get mouldy and start stinking.

It is important to keep your curtains clean so that they are not polluting your breathing air with bacteria and fungal spores. You don’t have to do it every day or even every week. You can just spare some time twice a month and it will be enough to keep your curtains in the top condition. Find some time on a weekend and clean those curtains.

Here we are sharing some amazing hacks for keeping your curtain cleans to the professional standards. It’s difficult to remove curtains every time you want to clean them so we are sharing some hacks that will help you clean curtains while they hang in place.

Hack # 1: Cloth Duster and Lint Roller 

The dusting cloth that you otherwise use to wipe off the dust from tables and upholstery can be used to give a nice beating to your curtains. You can also use and old tower for the same purpose. A wet towel is heavier and will hit the curtains with more force and hence taking out more dust. This will bring out a lot of dust, so do not forget to wear a mask to cover your nose and mouth. You can use a lint roller to catch pet hair and stray threads or lint on your curtains every now and then. 

Hack # 2: Vaccum Cleaner and steamer

You can use a vacuum cleaner with upholstery attachment once a week or twice a month to get the most dust out of our curtains. It will suck out any dust trapped in the fabric, leaving it cleaner than before. Go over in vertical section and work in sections so you do not miss any spot. You can also use a lightweight handheld steam cleaner to clean your curtains on a regular basis. Steam cleaners will allow you to use a steam cleaner approved disinfectant to kill the bacteria and fungal spores that might be growing on your curtains.

Hack # 3: Immediately Spot treat any stains

If an accident has just occurred and you have some wine or coffee stains or even mud stains on your curtains, it best that you take immediate action. You do not have to rip that curtain off and wash it there and then, you can just spot treat. Faster you act, the better, get that stain out before it sets in. Use a good stain remover or make one at home and keep it ready for when needed. Here are some great tips for taking stains out of the sofa and upholstery, that will work as well for your curtains depending upon the fabric it is made up of.

Hack # 4: Fashion your own curtain cleaner

Add two cups of water, one spoon of liquid dish soap, and a half a cup of white vinegar in a spray bottle and shake well. Spray this solution all over your drapes until they are considerably wet all over but not dripping wet. Turn on the fans or air conditioning to help the drying process. Gently brush off and residues.

Hack # 5: Dry Clean rather than wash

Many curtains come with instructions such as if you should machine wash, hand wash or dry clean them. If you are not sure what the instructions for your curtains were, do not risk it. You might end up shrinking your curtains and that would completely destroy them. A colour bleed incident can also ruin your curtains. Your best bet is to send the curtains out for dry cleaning. This way your curtains would be safe and you would have less work to do.

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