Sofa and Upholstery Cleaning Hacks Cleaning Companies Use

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When furnishing your home, selecting upholstery is an important investment that needs a lot of thought. There are different types of fabrics available in a wide colour range. Most people opt for durable materials like leather in darker colours so the upholstery can last longer without looking worn out. However, some chose to go for an elegant look which requires more maintenance and care for it to last a reasonable amount of time. Therefore, some types of furniture might require more religious care and cleaning than others. However, irrespective of the type of upholstery you chose to have you need to learn some handy hacks so your investment can last for the longest possible time. We are sharing some interesting tips and tricks that can help you clean your sofa more easily and efficiently, so you can do maximum with minimum professional help.

  1. Vacuum at least twice a week

It is common knowledge that dust on furniture is not only unpleasant to look at, but it can also damage the health of your family and the fabric of your furniture. Dust can practically eat out the fabric of your sofa by damaging its fibre over time.  Additionally, germs and bacterias can be nesting deep in your furniture which can not just them off. Proper and deep cleaning on a regular basis can not only increase the life of your upholstery but also save your family from the skin and respiratory diseases. It is recommended that you should vacuum your furniture like sofas, chairs with cushions and seats at least twice a week.

  1. Brushing Before Vacuuming

Remember, even the most expensive household vacuum machines are not as powerful as professional scale vacuum machines and therefore even though you frequently vacuum clean your sofas they just can not suck out all the dust. After a while, your furniture starts looking dull and faded. In most cases, it is because of the accumulated dust which your vacuum failed to suck out. Using a brush to loosen out the dust accumulated in the fibres or fabric can make the job of your vacuum machine easier. This will help you get the best results even with a mediocre vacuum machine.

  1. Getting out pet hair and food crumbs

If you have a pet you are familiar with the struggle of getting fur out of furniture. Tiny and thick pet hair sometimes will not come out with the most powerful vacuum machine. If you have kids or lazy spouse who eats cookies on the sofa, you will find ard to get food crumbs in the difficult corners. You can use a simple article such as tape to get them out easily. Wrap tape around your hands like gloves, with the sticky side facing outwards and wipe your hands sideways on surface of upholstery, brushing it with slight pressure. You will be surprised how much pet hair, food crumbs and dusty stuff has stuck to the tape. Follow up with a vacuum cleaning session for best results.

  1. Spot treat the stains

For spots and stain it is important to take action immediately, the longer you let them sit the harder they will to get out. Blot the liquid immediately after the spill and try to absorb most of it out with a dry paper towel or clean damp towel. If you have just discovered the stain and it has already set in, don’t worry there are still ways you can try. If its food scrubs out as much as you can before using any chemicals. Depending upon the stain and fabric try rubbing alcohol, vinegar or baking soda before using a harsh commercial cleaning agent. This will prevent any serious chemical damage to the fabric. If you are facing a coffee stain, read this guide for taking out coffee spots from practically any surface. We have also shared tips on getting stains out of mattress which will also work for upholstery. If nothing works, seek professional help from The Laundry Place.

  1. Invest in Removable Sofa covers

Luckily there are removable sofa covers available in the market which are not as appealing but are also not as expensive as your beautiful upholstery covering. They are good enough for everyday rough use, can be machine washed easily when needed and you can remove them on special occasions, or when you are expecting company. Look for water-resistant fabric so that if you spill any liquids on your sofa, it doesn’t seep through to your expensive fabric. This comparatively smaller investment can save your bigger investment of upholstery clothing from a lot of damage. It will cost you a lot less replacing these cheaper removable covers when needed, instead of replacing those high-end, expensive upholstery that you fancy having in your living room. This will not only increase the life of your upholstery, but it will also make cleaning your furniture a lot easier.


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