Unusual Things you can wash in your washing machine

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As a mother of very active children, it can get challenging to keep everything tidy and clean. Often moms are looking for easier ways to clean things to same time and effort. Knowledge is your best friend because smart work is better than hard work. We are today sharing an amazing cleaning hack, things that do not technically count as a laundry but can be washed in the washing machine for easy cleaning.

Sometime you may find it daunting to figure out what goes into the washing machine from your laundry and what goes to the dry cleaning service. We have shared here a list of things in your wardrobe that must go for dry cleaning and are not suitable for machine washing. Here you can read tips about washing your laundry in the machine at your home the correct way. Now we have arranged a list of unusual items that you might not know can easily be washed in your washing machine.

Now you can just through these articles in your regular load of laundry and get them cleaned without any extra effort or expense on your part, and its time saving too!

Let’s get started on the list:


Don’t worry about cleaning those sneakers even if they use to be white once upon a time and are not anymore. Just remove the laces and inner sole padding. Place the laces in a pillowcase and drop the pillowcase along with sneakers in a light load or with towels. 

Soft Toys, Plushes and toys

Soft toys and plushes are good to go in the washing machine as long as they do not have any electronic circuit in them. Put the soft toys and small plastic toys like legos, plastic trucks, rubber ducks and ball your bet like to chew on in the pillowcase, add some disinfectant in the warm water along with detergent. 

Yoga mat and silicon or rubber car mats

These things are catching all your sweat and dirt but are really tricky to clean. Only smart way to clean it is to throw it in the washing machine with towels. You can also wash these in your dishwasher if you feel comfortable with it.

Plastic Shower Curtains

Just because they are not really that expensive doesn’t mean you can throw them away and buy a new one every time they start looking dirty. Just throw those plastic shower curtains with towels in the washing machine, add some mild detergent and a little vinegar to kill any mold growing on it. Here is detailed note on how you can clean your shower curtains.

Silicon, mittens, Sponges and loofahs

Yes, it is interesting that all these articles can survive in your washing machine. You can even put your make up tools like a beauty blender and powder puff in this lot.

Car Seat Covers

Most car seat covers can be machine washed and come with labels attached for washing instruction. Be careful about the instructions on the label and avoid machine washing if the material of ca seat cover is animal skin, wool. Treat any stains with stain remover giving a spot treatment prior to washing. Make sure you have removed all plastic and metal attachments. Wash it in warm water and short load. Add a little vinegar and mild detergent for better cleaning. Do not machine dry, but air dry by hanging on cloth line or flat dry.

Backpacks and handbags

Honestly, it depends upon the material, if it’s made of fabric you can put it in a pillowcase and wash it in the washing machine but it will totally damage the leather and rexine ones. If you think that material can stand the wash, make sure you unzip all pockets and empty them, remove any chains and leather straps attached.

However, if you are unsure about any product’s safety in the washing machine you can always seek professional help at The Laundry Place.


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