Pro-Tips For Machine Washing Your Laundry Correctly

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How to sort and separate the laundry correctly?

It’s important to separate your whites from your coloured clothes. It is also important to wash your delicates separately and if you are washing an article for the first time it is wise to wash it separately just in case any colour bleeding might destroy other clothes. Any clothing with print or paint on it should be turned inside out beforehand.

What does not go into the washing machine?

Some delicate articles can be totally ruined due to shrinkage, colour bleeding or other reasons due to the rough treatment they receive in a washing machine. Most clothes come with an instruction label that will guide you on how to clean and dry them and what temperatures are safe. It’s important that you check those labels before throwing in any clothing item into the machine wash. Read this article to know what things you should send for dry cleaning instead of machine washing or hand washing them.

How to wash Your Jeans correctly?

 Very often jeans start fading after a few washes and this happens because the dye of jeans can not take rough handling of the washing machine and the hot temperature. To prevent your jeans from fading do not wash them in hot water, keep temperature normal and wash them inside out.

What temperature settings are good?

Many fabrics shrink or discolour when washed in hot water, it is best to wash the majority of clothes in cold to normal temperature and use hot water only for sheets, towels, and white cotton or dirt studded clothes.

What detergent to use?

It obviously a choice so very often, and yet we mindlessly pick the same detergent over and over, without giving much thought to its pros or cons. Most people automatically go for the detergent their parents have been using while some pick the cheapest, after all, it is still doing the same thing, why not save some money, right? Wrong! If you chose your detergent mindlessly you might save some money but it can damage your clothes, may increase the time machine take to complete a load of laundry and might even clog the drains of the machine. A poor detergent choice will leave white spots on your clothes and will weaken their fabric. You need to be mindful that top load machines use different detergents than front load machines and thus buy according to the type of washing machine you own to get the best results.

How to dry different clothes correctly?

Again check the instruction label for tumble dry, air dry and flat dry. Do not put air dry and flat dry articles in a dryer. Discrediting the label or misreading it can cost you your garment. An article not suitable for machine drying can shrink, discolour or get damaged if left in the dryer. Similarly, if a woollen top needs to be flat dried, it can de-shape or expand if hung out for air drying.

How not to lose your socks?

Socks are one of the most frequently lost items during laundry and the reason is their small size. You lose one and the other one becomes useless. One way to keep the pair together is by filling one inside the other before throwing them in the machine. The right way to do it is, place one sock over the other, hold together tightly and then turn one of them inside out. Now you have one sock neatly packed into other, wash them all you want and they will come out clean and still together. Another way is to keep them together put them inside a shirt so they don’t get lost.

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