Laundry Hacks For Busy Working Moms

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Are you aware that a recent survey reported that an average person spends 2175 days doing house chores in their lifetime? That’s 6 years of your life spent cooking, cleaning and washing! For mothers, these chores increase up to three to four folds as they are not only taking care of themselves but an entire household. When you are working mom, there are too many things to attend to do. You have work-related responsibilities and you have children to take care of and feed. You also have to attend the hose chores. Trying to find a balance among all these responsibilities it sometimes gets really difficult to manage everything single-handedly. Too much burden of responsibilities can lead to physical burn out and mental break down.  Studies show that working moms are more likely to experience stress-related problems but this stress can be reduced by simplifying everyday tasks. 

One such task is laundry. A recent study has revealed that 50% of working mothers spend more time doing laundry than they do with their children. We really need to do something to simplify this complicated, time consuming and stressful task. So here are some hacks to make the laundry an easier task for you.


1. Stock your washing powder in Jars and use scoops to avoid spills


Washing powder usual comes in pouches which can be tricky to handle and spills can be wasteful. If you are using a high-quality washing powder to protect make things your clothes from damage any excess amount you spill accidentally could be a costly mistake and cleaning it could add to the stress. It’s best to store your expensive washing powder in jars. An even clever way to make things easier for you is to store them in tiny drink dispensers. This will make filling the scoop even easier and minimize the chances of spilling. 

2. Use Two or Three Laundry Baskets



Invest in two laundry baskets instead of one so you can dump your whites and coloured clothes separately. This will eliminate the need for sorting out your clothes before washing them. You can even place a third laundry basket for delicate items to make things even more functional and time-saving. You can even get some really cute ones to match with the rest of the surroundings.

3. Buy a front load Washing Machine



Ever noticed how all self-service laundry places have front load machines? That’s because these machines use less water, less detergent, and less electricity in comparison to top-load machines. If its good for businesses, it must be good for you too! Plus its easier to empty a front-load machine than a top-load machine. Washed clothes are heavier and its more difficult to bend down and pull them out. That’s what gives you the worst backache after doing the laundry.

4. Make White even Whiter



You have probably heard that soaking them in hot water with a few aspirin tablets will make your whites look brighter and cleaner. Sadly this is a myth and aspirin is best only for what it was intended for. Yes, take it for headaches. It works great as a pain killer. Internet hacks will tell you that aspirin has acetylsalicylic acid which dissolves in water to produce salicylic acid and it works the same as citric acid in vinegar. This could not be further from the truth, as both are acid but silicic acid does not have any bleaching capacities. In fact even spoonful vinegar or lemon juice will not leave your whites whiter, otherwise, the companies would have already been marketing vinegar or aspirin for this purpose. Yes, applying vinegar or lemon juice directly on some stain might help in getting them off, but it will take a lot of vinegar or lemon juice to effectively clean your entire laundry load, which will be very expensive and then they will smell strongly of vinegar. What actually helps cleaning your whites better is pre-soaking them in hot water for a few hours. This loosens the dirt attached to the fibre and it comes off easily when machine washing them. If you have ugly stains on whites which you are sure will not go away by soaking them in hot water, try adding a bleaching agent or applying it at the soiled spot. For even tougher stains send them for laundry service, The Laundry Place staff are professionals and know best how to deal with all sort of stains.


5. Read the Labels and Tags Correctly


Never ignore the washing instruction on the tags attached to clothing. Make sure you do not accidentally wash the dry clean only dress, or machine wash an item that requires hand washing. Also, pay attention to the recommended temperature for washing or you will end up ruining the fabric. This can waste your money and add up to your stress.


6. Treat Yourself with a laundry service Whenever you can


For items that need special care its best to send them to a nearby laundry service. In fact, if you can afford, it is better to send all your laundry to the laundry service so you can utilize that time for something more important and meaningful. You work all week and take care of your family, you also deserve to have some relaxing time. Skip the hassle and relax while professionals take care of your laundry needs for you. Businesses like The Laundry Place have several outlets around the city and also offer to pick and drop your laundry for your convenience. They offer all laundry service from washing, dry cleaning, pressing and everything in between. They have efficient experienced staff, so you can put your mind at ease that your laundry is in good hands.

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