Five reasons you should use dry cleaning services

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It is popular to give your most fancy and expensive clothes for dry cleaning because no one wants to risk damaging them but when it comes to regular clothes some would like to wash them at home. Many people still consider dry cleaning services an expensive option or even a luxury but those who are aware of the benefits of dry cleaning understand that it is a cost-effective solution to most of your laundry problems.

Not all clothes are made equal and similarly, not all fabrics need the same handling and treatments. Care labels on your garments give clear instructions if any cloth should be dry cleaned only. Some delicate fabrics can be completely destroyed if machine washed or even hand washed. Alternatively dry cleaning your clothes can help them last longer and look cleaner.  To understand how this is possible you need to understand what is the process of dry cleaning.

Process of Dry Cleaning

Although dry cleaning does not use any water it does use some liquid cleaning agents so technically it is not really dry. Firstly the clothes are soaked in cleaning agents that are constantly drained out and refilled. In the second step, the cleaning agent is carefully removed from your clothes completely. Then your clothes are dried at room temperature and then depending upon the fabric your garments are pressed folded or hung. While the process seems quite simple and straightforward, what gives magical results are two crucial elements. One is that no water is used, instead only high-quality liquid cleaning agents are used and other is no heating is used, all process is done on room temperature which keeps everything intact.



1. Less damage to the fiber 


It is important that you pay attention to the type of fabric and care labels on clothing items and other laundry stuff. Most sheets, covers and even plush toys also come with care labels that have very clear instructions regarding if the article can be hand washed machine washed or should be dry cleaned only. Items like pure wool and silk can shrink in hot water. You can easily damage the basics of fabric by giving it a wrong treatment or washing at the wrong temperature. Similarly, natural materials like leather and fur will also be destroyed of washed instead of dry cleaned.


2. No bleeding of Colour


Discoloration or fading of dyed fabric is a common occurrence for the hand washed or machine washed clothes. Many believe this is an inevitable part of the aging of cloth and you have to throw away even the most expensive of clothes after some time because they can not stay as good as new for a long time. This is not true because much of the damage to nice clothes is done due to the method used for cleaning them. When you wash clothes in warm water, the dye used in colored fabric easily dissolves in water leaving your clothes looking old and ugly. Dry cleaning your clothes protect their color as most types of dye used for fabric do not dissolve in liquid cleaning agents used in dry cleaning at room temperature.  This way you can use the same clothes over and over again without having to buy more of them.


3. Longer Life


Dry cleaning professionals are experts and have extensive knowledge about treatment for different types of fabrics and how to get out difficult stains. They give localized treatments for stains so the entire fabric is not exposed to stain removing chemicals unnecessarily. Professionals remove metallic buttons or studs from your clothing before treating them with chemical cleaning agents so the metallic embellishments do not get oxidized accidentally and lose their luster, later they stitch them back firmly. With gentle care and attention to detail, dry cleaning professionals make sure your clothes can have a longer life so you get the best value for your money and enjoy your clothes for an extended period. Therefore the apparently expensive-looking process of dry cleaning actually saves you money.


4. No damage to Emblisment


If you have any clothing with embellishments (such as metal studs, beads, and sequins) you must know that they are mostly attached to the fabric by hand stitching them or they are just hanging with the support of a thread. Throwing them in the washing machine to receive the rough treatment of the cycle can not have any good results. It’s best to send them to be dry cleaned as even handwashing them can break the fragile stitches.


5. Havier Loads and bigger items


Throwing in heavier loads into the washing machine can damage both the washing machine and the laundry. Especially considering if you are washing larger pieces like curtains and blankets which should be dry cleaned for better care. Trying to machine wash or even hand wash your curtains and blankets could become a tiresome task with poor results. Such articles take a lot of effort to clean them and yet they are never fully clean after the wash. It will be wise to send them to a dry cleaner.

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