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Like every other electrical appliance in your house, your washing machine also requires cleaning and regular maintenance so it can have a longer life and perform up to its full potential. The washing machine takes out the dirt and stains from your laundry, the residues of detergent and dirt sometimes accumulate over its inner body. The dampness inside the machine can promote the growth of mould which can produce a foul smell. Sometimes a lost sock, unattached shirt button or any lose lint can block an opening or a vent which can lead to problems in the functioning of the washing machine. With proper care, cleaning and maintenance you can get maximum use out of your washing machine.

Much of the care you provide your washing machine is precautionary because you want to do as little damage control as possible. Also if you do not take precautionary measures often, it might be too late for any damage control. Remember, a stitch in time save nine. 

Tip#1: Monthly Inspections and cleaning

It is important that once a month you inspect the hoses, for any budges, and cracks and check the dispenser and drum for any damages, scratches, or accumulations. If your machine has a lint filter, clean it often. Repair and replace on need bases but do not delay any repairs as it may cause bigger damages and even more expensive repairs. Make a point of running an empty load of warm water with 2 cups of vinegar and two spoons of detergent to effectively clean the interior of your washer. You can also wipe out the drum biweekly with equal parts of water and vinegar.

Tip#2: Break up laundry in lighter loads

Heavier loads can easily damage your washing machine and affect its overall performance. Clothes added in heavier loads will come out less clean when compared to clothes washed in lighter loads.

Tip#3: Chose and measure the detergent correctly

When you buy a new washer, just like other appliances it comes with an instruction manual. Read it carefully, it has the best care tips for your model of washer. The manual will guide you about the suitable detergent type for the washing machine and also about the size of load the machine is capable of handling efficiently. It will also indicate the amount of detergent you will need per load. Using more detergent than required is not only a waste it will also result in residues of detergent accumulating inside the machine and compromising its performance.

Tip#4: Unload the washer and air it out

As soon as a load is done, move it immediately to the dryer. Don’t let it sit it out in the washer, it is damaging for both your laundry and washing machine. It’s best if you leave the door open to air out the interior of the washing machine after you are done with your laundry, this will prevent the nasty smell that you sometimes experience when you open your washing machine for the first load.

Read laundry hacks to make things easier, save time and your clothes.

If you take proper care of your washing machine, it will last for several years past its warranty. If your machine requires repair or you do not feel like loading and unloading loads of laundry, we can pick up your dirty laundry and deliver you clean laundry. Our services include washing dry cleaning, pressing, folding and everything in between. Our professional and experienced team can give a new life to your outfits with proper care and high-end products.

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