Save Your Clothes from Damage and Hire Professional Laundry Service

Your clothes are an investment in your appearance because looks can decide a lot. If your job interview will last long enough to showcase your skills, or would someone approach you in the club or not, would your colleagues invite you to have lunch with them, it all is relevant to how good you look and how well dressed you are. This is why we try to put on our best outfits on special occasions like job interviews, meetings and even for the nights we want to have a good time at the club. Nice clothes capable of making a good impression do not come cheap, therefore they are a big investment and it is smart to protect your investment and give the highest quality care to your expensive clothing items.


How To Take the Best Care of Your Clothes?

To take the best care of your clothes it is recommended that you hand wash clothes that need gentle washing. While machine washing, always separate your whites from colored clothes and check labels for instruction about the temperature of the water. The wrong temperature of the water can cause the dye in fabric to bleed and ruin other items of clothing. Some fabrics are prone to shrinkage or expanding if not handled with proper care.

If a cloth has a stain, first take out the stain before throwing it into the washing machine with the rest of the loads. The heat in the dryer will set in the stain and it will be harder to remove.  Fancy and formal outfits require great care. An ordinary detergent will not only damage the fibers of fabric but can also damage the color.

Among the most expensive clothing items are professional suits and they require a special kind of care. Some roles at job require you to have a complete professional wardrobe andtaking care of each expensive piece individually is essential to maintain them. Being careless about professional suits can ruin them and you will have no choice but to throw them out and buy new ones. With good care, a professional suit can last up to 3 to 5 years.  That would be a good value for your money, however, it will require commitment towards giving great care to your professional suits. It is best to send your professional suits for dry clean for the longevity of their life so you can get the maximum benefit out of your investment in professional outfits.


What to do about Stains?

Most stains will not go away with a simple detergent. Some stains are more stubborn and hard to remove than others. Every stain needs a different treatment to take it out. Different kinds of fabric may react differently to a stain remover, what works great with silk might not work as well with velvet. If you are not sure what you are dealing with you might damage the fabric or discolor it, ruining the outfit forever. It is best to consult a professional laundry service provider to help you get rid of stains.


How to Make Things Less Complicated?

You have already invested your money in expensive clothes but now you do not have time to care for them. Separating whites from colored clothes, taking out stains, hand washing and machine washing separate items, and then drying them in the machine or taking them out for air drying and then finally folding and ironing them could be time taking, tiring and daunting list of tasks. Life is already a hassle and you do not have time to sort these things out. You can use time doing much more important things. It would be much more convenient and time-saving if you will just drop them at the nearest The Laundry Place (TLP) outlet.


The Laundry Place Provides Best Laundry Service

The laundry service at TLP is very economical and we understand your laundry needs very well. TLP has set the highest standards of cleanliness and care for the laundry. Taking the best care of your expensive clothes we make sure you can enjoy them for a longer time. We take great measures of care to protect your clothes from any damage that ordinary detergent can cause and use only high-end products.

TLP also offers the dry cleaning service for your professional suits, ensuring the buttons on your coat do not lose the shine when the fabric is getting cleaned. For your emergencies and urgent needs, TLP offers a 5  hours dry clean service, so you can look your best even on short time notice. We also provide services like mattress cleaning and carpet cleaning to make your life easier and more comfortable. We will take care of your laundry for you, so you can spend your time in things that actually matter to you like arranging the surprise party for your husband, or preparing for your presentation or spending quality time with your children.

You can trust TLP with your expensive garments, everyday laundry, and cleaning of household items. Our staff is committed to excellence and eager to assist you in looking your best on a daily basis with minimum effort on your part. TLP takes special pride in our highly skilled and efficient team which is already working with several corporate clients.


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