Why Dry Cleaning is a Better Option for More Expensive Items

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Although dry cleaning has been around for a long time and has been popular for a while, there is still very little known about the actual process. The mystery around the process has attracted many curious minds, on the other hand, this is also the reason many people are hesitant to trust the process.

In what ways Dry Cleaning is Different from Traditional Washing?

While dry cleaning the clothes are soaked in the cleaning agent which is constantly drained out and refilled automatically than clothes are taken out and cleaning agents are completely removed from the fabric mechanically. Clothes are dried at room temperature and hung, pressed or folded depending upon the fabric. While the equipment used and overall process of dry cleaning is generally similar to good old fashioned washing, there are two major differences which take the cleaning to an entirely new level. Two things done differently are no water and no heating. From the name itself, anyone can easily understand that the dry cleaning does not use water and second the entire process of cleaning and drying is done on the temperature near to normal room temperature.

Fun Fact: Dry cleaning is not ‘dry’ in the most literal sense but it is only water-free. This may sound confusing and self-contradictory because how something can be wet and yet have no water in it? Think a little harder, there are other liquids which can be used for cleaning purposes, therefore although no water is used your clothes were still wet in the process.

The other liquid solvent used in place of water can cater to the special chemical used as a cleaning agent. These cleaning agents evaporate quickly at near room temperature which does all the magic. Dry-cleaning agents and solvents also minimize the color leaking of fabric as the solvents do not readily dissolve the dye on room temperature. This is why your clothes still look new even after several dry cleaning sessions. However, these chemical are toxic and need proper professional handling.

Why Some Clothes are Dry Clean Only?

Some clothes are made from fabric which is more prone to shrinkage if exposed to heat. This makes washing them with warm water or ironing unsuitable option. In other cases a clothing item can be a combination of different fabrics which shrink to a different extent when exposed to heat, this may destroy the dress horribly. In such cases, manufacturers add a warning on the label that item is ‘Dry Clean’. Some fabrics may even discolor when heated and thus need special care for cleaning.

Some clothes may have buttons or metallic studs which can go rusty or lose the luster if machine washed. If such clothes are sent for dry-cleaning, the professionals know how to protect each piece of your clothing best.

Can I Dry Clean My Clothes at Home?

No. If it were that easy and simple everybody would have already been doing it. Unlike your regular detergent, the fresh cleaning solution is expensive and hard to come by and dangerous to handle. You can’t just dispose of the used cleaning solution in your plumbing and the evaporated chemicals can’t be just released into the atmosphere. The end products of dry cleaning and dangerously toxic and need proper disposal. There are complicated procedures involved for handling the chemicals and end products which should not be handled if you do not have appropriate gears available. This is the reason most dry cleaning outlets do not dry clean at their location, instead, your garments are sent to a warehouse where they are dry cleaned and then sent back.

Why would you want to go through all this hassle when The Laundry Place (TLP) is offering you the services at a very reasonable cost so you and your clothes both look best? We will even pick up and drop off your laundry for your continence.

Dry Cleaning at The Laundry Place (TLP)

TLP is dedicated to provide first-class care to the garments. At TLP we understand an outfit is not just a mere piece of fabric for you but it holds sentiments and memories. This is why we are extremely careful in handling your clothing items and uphold the highest standards in professional laundry services. We take special care in using high-quality products only to give your garments a longer life. Our committed staff is equipped with the best cleaning techniques to get out the most stubborn stains out of your most delicate fabrics.

TLP team understands your laundry needs and is determined to deliver only the best care for your garments. Our staff is specialized in treating a variety of coats, fancy lace, and silk dresses, along with velvet and other delicate items. Dry cleaning options are also available for curtains, carpets, and other household items. Many corporate clients are happy with our professional services including several government agencies, factories, hotels, spas, film studios, theme parks, schools/universities, etc.

How quickly can I get my shirt dry cleaned?

Did you just receive a job interview call with a 6-hour deadline? Does he want to take you to meet his parents this evening? Do you have an important meeting with a client the next morning? We understand important moments can come in with urgency and you need to look your best for them. This is exactly why we are dedicated to stepping up the game for you! We can dry clean your best outfit and deliver it in just 5 hours! Yes, not just the same day but just in a matter of hours your dress will be ready like a shining armor to boost your confidence. Go conquer the world with TLP at your side.

Now you know that some of your clothes need special care and should be dry cleaned only. You can extend the life of your expensive garments by dry cleaning them instead of hand washing or machine washing. The best place to get this done is The Laundry Place so visit the nearest TLP outlet and treat your outfits with the best care.



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