Carpet Cleaning Tips That Professionals Use to Get Stains and Smell Out

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A Dirty Looking Smelly Carpet can be really Off Putting

Moisture and dirt in your carpet can damage your beautiful and expensive carpet. If you neglect the regular cleaning, the carpet starts to stink which can be very uncomfortable and also embarrassing if you have guests coming over. When you host a party at your beautiful house, it is common to have accidents and slip-ups which can leave whine, juice and greasy food stains on your carpet. If you have kids and pets at your home, food stains, mud stains, and even poop ad vomit can destroy your carpet.

Vacuum Cleaning your Carpet will not help

While vacuum cleaner can take out dust and mud and even some other mess out of your carpet, it will be not good for taking out stains and spots we have discussed earlier. The best a vacuumed cleaner will do is suck out the moisture out of the stained spot which will further lock the stain in the carpet fibers.

If You Try To Clean Carpet the Wrong Way You Can Damage It

You got this ugly stain on your beautiful carpet but you can’t just toss it out because it’s expensive. You can’t vacuum the stain out, so you try other things that might work, but wait! You might cause even more damage to your carpet. Here is how:

  • You can try to put vinegar on the stain but despite its slightly acidic nature, it will not help with most stains. It’s great against germs but no so much against stains.
  • You can spread the stain to a larger area if you start rubbing it out or neglect picking up the excessive chunks very carefully
  • Also if you try to rub the stained spot you will not only fail to take the stain out you will fray the fibers of the carpet and ruin it.
  • Beware some of the stain-fighting agents like ammonia, hydrogen peroxide and rubbing alcohol can damage the back of your carpet if you let it sit for a while or you pour too much on the spot.
  • Using a colored towel to clean with agents like ammonia and hydrogen peroxide or even alcohol can transfer the color of towel to the carpet making things even worse.

Pro Tips for Cleaning Carpet

  • To get rid of odor from your carpet disperse the generous amount of baking soda on your carpet and leave it overnight. Vacuum it in the next morning and odor will be gone!
  • Do not rub your cleaning agent on carpet or pour it directly on the stain but only dab it on the stained spot with the help of a towel or disposable napkins.
  • Always use a clean white towel to take stains out with cleaning agents.
  • A diluted mixture of soapy water and rubbing alcohol will get off most stain but do not try to rub out the stain after spraying the mixture, instead suck it out using a dry vacuum.
  • It’s best to get professional help when you are not sure what you are dealing with or how things will turn out if you try to take them in your hand because that carpet is more expensive than cleaning service.

Why using professional help is a good idea?

Professional carpet cleaning service providers have tools to clean carpet that you might not even know exist. Also, they have dealt with a far more larger variety of stains that you ever did in your lifetime. They are more experienced and knowledgeable about stain removing than you. They will be able to do a better job in less time, that too without harming your carpet.

What services The Laundry Place (TLP) offers?

The Laundry Place offers all the cleaning services from washing everyday laundry to cleaning household items like’s sofa cushions, curtains, and carpets. We are aware that staying at the top of the trade requires skills and dedication. Our outlets are open around the clock all week. The state-of-the-art technology at their outlets helps them take care of your dirty curtains and soiled carpets. We understand all your laundry and cleaning needs. TLP staff takes extra care in handling the expensive items and value your emotional attachment with your household items.

Our highly efficient team is the reason we are working with cooperate level clients who outsource their services for handling their laundry needs. We have several hotels, factories, spas, schools/universities, film studios, theme parks, government agencies as our satisfied customers. Our clients trust us with their staff uniforms, bed sheets, linen, curtains, carpets, and much more.

On our outlets, you can also avail our coin-operated self-service to do your regular laundry at much cheaper rates. You will have the free resources like fabric softener and fragrant at your disposal.

Dry Cleaning Carpets

Most people in this day think that to deep clean a carpet you must rigorously wash the carpet with soapy water and brushes. While this method will take the most dust out, it will also damage the fiber of your precious carpet and the backside of carpet might lose its strength. Not many people are aware that carpets can look better and have a longer life if they are dry cleaned instead of washed the old fashioned way.

On-Site Cleaning vs off-site cleaning.

While on-site cleaning of carpet for regular cleaning is god enough, special stains and excessively dirty carpet may need intensive cleaning with specialized equipment. You can drop your carpet at TLP outlets where they will fix your carpet stains and remove any ugly spot leaving it as good as new.

Save Your Carpet!

A dirty carpet is not only ugly looking but also home to many germs and bacteria. It is not only a threat to your reputation with neighbors and visitors but it is also a threat to your health. Delaying the carpet cleaning will not only make the stain harder to remover it will also start to stink and your entire house might get infected with bad smell and germs. Are you aware that unclean carpet can cause respiratory diseases like asthma and skin problems like rashes and itching in young children and adults? It’s best not to risk too much and get professional help from The Laundry Place.

Let The Laundry Place Clean Your Carpets for you

We have a team of highly skilled and efficient cleaning staff who will be eager to get the difficult stains out of your carpet even from the tricky spots. You can rest assured your carpet is being treated well and it will be safe from any damage. Give your carpet a chance to look new and beautiful once again.

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