Mattress Cleaning, A must in your Life

  1. Mattress Cleaning

Out of the 24 hours of a day, we spend approximately 9 hours on our beds, which make almost 40% of our daily time spent in the mattresses. It is where kids keep laying all day. Every day the mattresses take so much of our sweat, dead skin and fungus that our bodies keep discarding.

There is so much bacteria that goes into our bed with our feet, along with dust mites and much more, there are almost 2 million dust mites that reside in your mattress and the only way to keep them at bay is by giving your mattresses a regular cleaning session they require. If you do not clean them there are many infections and diseases that can grow from the bacteria, therefore, mattress cleaning is an essential part of cleaning the house.

Mattress and Air Pollution

Pollution isn’t limited to outdoors, it can emanate from the corners of your house too and add in polluting the air. With paint, smoke and glue being the major contributors, there are factors that can affect the air in the house and contaminate the air. These factors include dust mites, pollen, mold, bacteria, cockroaches and pet dancers.

When you find out how much skin is shed, sweat and oil are released from body while you are deep in slumber, you will realize how much bacteria you are attracting on daily basis. This leads to the production of mites and fungus that call your mattresses their home. These can be a major source of contaminant in the air around you. After all, as mentioned above you spend almost 9 hours in bed, it should be clean and pollutant free.

What Happens in Mattress Cleaning?

Mattress cleaning can be time consuming, but it can be done with the help of a professional that eases the process for you and ensures thorough cleaning. The traditional mattress cleaning includes the following steps.


Vacuuming is the first step towards cleaning the mattress. It sucks all the dirt out of the foam along with dead skin cells, debris that stays inside the foam and grows with time. A clean upholstery is what can keep bacteria or other contaminants to pile up inside the mattress.


Because of sweat, dust particles and others piling up inside your foam, it starts to stink. Its common that after some time because of dust continuously staying within the foam, the mattresses start developing their own smell, in these times, the deodorizing from laundry services come to your rescue. With this any sort of smell that bothers the owners can also neutralize the odour that comes from the sofas and couches.

Cleaning and Stain Removal    

Sweat, vomit, blood and other everyday occurrences keep leaving traces of them on the mattresses or sofas that are used on everyday basis. These are not just stains but a sanctuary of mites and insects if not cleaned on time. The problem is that no matter how much you try to clean the mattresses, the bacteria stays there until a proper laundry service that is equipped with the right tools for cleaning put their hands on it. This way it consumes less time and more importantly washes off the bacteria that might grow and penetrate into our bodies through food from there.

Steam cleaning.

If you are a patient of allergies or have tough stains not leaving your mattress, while health protection is your biggest concern, then getting professional steam cleaning is the best solution that you can have. The reason that steam cleaning can be effective is because the moisture and the mattress material do not mix, the usage of wrong technique can let the mold and mildew grow in the mattresses. Seeking professional help for the purpose of steam cleaning can help you a big deal as it’s not something that we are equipped to perform at home.

Clean Air Solutions

Clean air solutions uses a dry cleaning method that takes out all the molds, dust, debris and other dirty stuff out of the mattress and leave it clean odour and chemical free.

Cleaning It Yourself…

  1. The vacuum needs to be used on the mattress for a better care.
  2. You can even put some deodorizer or anti-allergen if you like, but this can leave a lot of chemical residue on the mattress and cause allergies.
  3. This method can be used at home but it is not a satisfactory solution to the problem, as its time consuming, the dirt and molds in the mattress do not leave it completely and the whole process can be very tiring when done at home. This is the reason, seeking professional help serves the purpose better than any other problem.

Final Word:

Mattress cleaning can be an arduous job and also not give the desired results, therefore selecting a laundry professionals for the service can help you get the job done in a better way.

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