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The laundry place is now also offering house cleaning and office cleaning services and with a professional team of cleaners on board. Our goal is to deliver clean healthy living environments and working spaces for citizens of Malaysia. With the help of our expert team members, we have arranged a list of professional cleaning tips for you to do your chores more efficiently and easily.

Basically, it’s more about cleaning in an organized fashion and regularly. Anything you do in a more organized and planned way it becomes more efficient and easier. Doing things regularly makes them less complicated and you become a pro with practice. This is especially true for cleaning chores. Set up a cleaning schedule, make time for deep cleaning each month, keep your tools handy and organised, have a cleaning path to follow and declutter on time.

1- Have an organised cleaning tool kit

Make sure you have the right cleaning products available and place them where you intend to use them. If you are using too many cleaning products than you are probably using the wrong ones. Chose the cleaning products that can work with most surfaces so you have to spend less time looking for the right product and sorting them out. Have microfiber rags and sponges available and accessible at the cleaning sights. Invest in a stock of rubber gloves so you can move through cleaning chores without pausing and batting an eye our filthy items. Have a set of squeegees handy for cleaning the window pans and shower walls. Regularly fill up a spray bottle with two parts water and one part vinegar for cleaning all sorts of services and reordering any space.

2- Daily Cleaning schedule to follow

Do you ever feel like you are cleaning all day long and picking up after your kids and other lazy family members and still your house feels dirty and unclean? Set a time of your day aside to clean, this way you will be cleaning regularly each day and it will not feel like you are cleaning and picking up after your family every day. Once you are done cleaning, you have the rest of the day for whatever you want to do. Nothing reflects back from dust better than sunlight so use that to your advantage. It is best that you clean during the daylight hours with your curtains open so you are taking the maximum benefits of the sunlight and cleaning to the precision. Sunlight dims out after 3 pm so plan your cleaning hours anywhere from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. 

3- Design a Cleaning path

Professional cleaners always have a path mapped out to work around the spaces. It is more efficient to clean from top to bottom so while you are dusting off the dirt and decluttering, things are following down to areas which you have yet to clean. Start with the rooms that have the most traffic all day like the living room, kitchen, washroom and bedrooms and then move towards the barely used areas of the home like a guest room, store or attic. Also, you can divide any spaces into slices for being more thorough. Slice the areas into arm length spaces or divide them according to the furniture. In your bedroom, your bed, wardrobe, and dressing table can define the slices to work your way around. In your kitchen, you can divide the slices by the stove, fridge, counter, dishwasher, shelves and cabinets.

4- Clean your kitchen each time you cook

Not the entire kitchen but the areas and objects that were used in cooking your meals. This obviously includes the stove, and the countertops, refrigerator and cabinet handle and the spice rack.  It will make things so much better because it’s easier to wipe off the fresh greasy spots or dust than scrubbing off the hardened ugly stains.

5- Don’t Delay the decluttering session

Clutter seems to catch more dust than anything else but it is also very time consuming to go through the clutter and sort out what needs to go and what has to stay. The more clutter you have, the more time you spend time cleaning. Set weekly or monthly decluttering sessions and do so in hours other than set aside for the cleaning or you will get side-tracked.

6- Make the best use of dishwasher and washing machine

Things made of hard plastic, silicone and rubber can be safely and effectively cleaned in the dishwasher. Now you can clean the plastic and rubber toys of your children, plastic containers and organisers, soap dishes and toothbrush holders and the other plastic tools in the dishwasher without having to manually scrub them. The hot water and dish detergent will clean them effectively. Similarly, your shower curtain, apron, mittens, plush toys and table napkins can be washed in your washing machine. However not all your laundry will be safe in the washing machine and you need to separate your delicates and expensive clothes. It is better to send your expensive clothes for dry cleaning so you can get maximum out of your investment. Read about five things in your wardrobe that can not be machine washed and should be sent for dry cleaning only.

 7- Don’t skip the sink, bath and toilet

Every time you take a shower, use a pair of wiper and squeegees to clean the walls and floor of the bath and even the plastic shower curtain right after. The steam and moisture from the shower will soften the accumulated dust and you will be able to easily wipe it out. It is the easiest way for keeping the bath area clean on a regular basis however you should not make it the only way of cleaning the washroom. Depending upon the use of washroom and the number of people using it, you might have to clean the sink and toilet weekly or twice a month. If more people are using the same toilet, you should consider cleaning it on alternate days. Cleaning more frequently will make the chore easier.

8- Clean your mattress every month

Everybody knows that making your bed first thing in the morning is the habit of most successful people. An average person spends one-third of their life on a mattress, so imagine the amount of dust and dirt you are bringing to bed every day. It’s important for health to have a clean mattress to sleep on, therefore make sure you are effectively cleaning your mattress at least once in a month. Flip your mattress at least once in six months to give maximum life to your mattress.

9- Keep eyes on rugs and carpets

Carpets can easily harbour germs and dust, which is not only damaging to the carpet itself but also for your health. If not cleaned regularly carpets have a tendency to absorb moisture and grow mould or start stinking. Airing out a fully carpeted room often is a good idea but it will also invite more dust. Depending upon the amount of carpet and number of people you have at home you might be vacuum cleaning your carpet anywhere from daily to monthly basis. However, the vacuum cleaner might not be doing the job very efficiently. Here are some tips on how to effectively clean and deodar the carpet like professionals. If you have pets, their hair and fluff can really get in way of cleaning. Make sure they are well-groomed and you are brushing their hair regularly.

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