Five things in your wardrobe that need dry cleaning service

  1. dry cleaning service

If you have been taking care of your laundry on your own for some time you must know that not all clothes can be machine washed and some needs more gentle cleaning and should be hand washed. Some clothes are specifically labelled “Dry Clean Only” while others are labelled as just “Dry Clean”. Are both same or different or you can occasionally machine wash the garments recommended to be “Dry Clean”? Do you find the care labels of clothing confusing or panic when you can’t find a care label at all on any of the clothing items because you don’t know if you want to send it for dry cleaning or machine wash it? Have you ever accidentally ruined a great top because it was supposed to be dry cleaned but you threw in the washing machine with another laundry? Not all clothes need to be dry cleaned but some must go for dry cleaning to retain their integrity. Figuring out what needs to be washed and what needs to be sent for dry cleaning can be tricky. You can consult a laundry service provider to sort things out for you but really it can be a hassle in itself to consult an expert every time you buy something new. So here we are sharing a general guideline to which article should be sent for dry cleaning and not be washed at home at any cost.

  1. Professional suiting

Professional suits are expensive and often have layerings of fabric to make them look smarter, however, washing a piece of clothing made out of combinations of different fabrics is never a good idea. You risk breaking the stitches, damaging the studs and metallic embellishment or leakage of colour from one fabric onto other. It is never advisable to wash your professional dresses at home. Leave your professional attires to be cared for by professionals at dry cleaning service.

2. Jackets

There are different sorts of jackets from dinner jackets for formal occasions to sports jackets for the days when you are active. There are long jackets to protect you from cold or give you a chic look when fall arrives. No matter whatever the making of your jacket is it will be ruined if you tried washing it at home. Jackets are also expensive items that have to underline, sometimes the two fabric is even handstitched.

3. Natural Fabrics

Natural fabrics like silk and wool are often dyed and soaking them in hot water can result in bleeding of colour. Warm water often shrinks the silk and wool end even velvet. It is best to send your pretty tops and sweaters for dry cleaning. It will not only preserve their colouring and fine texture it will also make the fibre of natural fabrics last longer to increase their life.

4. Pleated skirts

Pleated skirts are so in fashion but the trouble is the minute you throw it in the washing machine or soak it in warm water it will lose the folds. Your dear skirt will be ruined and look flimsy next time you wear it. The rule of thumb here is that anything with pleating needs to go for dry cleaning no questions asked.

5. Frills and net

If you are a fan of feminine outfits with frills and net or you own some nightgowns and fishnet stockings you know such articles can not be thrown into the washing machine without fearing that you might not be able to wear them ever again. These are delicate articles that must not be exposed to rough treatment of machine wash or warm water. Stretching and squashing, and tangling them with other fabrics in the machine load during a cycle can render them useless forever. It is best to send your cute delicate articles for dry cleaning where they can be treated right so you can enjoy wearing them over and over.

You must send above-given garments for dry cleaning services. Dry cleaning gives longevity to the lives of your cloth as it cleans your cloth without any water and without exposing them to warm temperature that can be harsh for them. Professionals handle your clothes with extreme care when you send them for dry cleaning and give special attention to details to prevent any damage. At The Laundry Place, only high-quality products are used to clean your laundry so you can enjoy your garments for a longer time. Our staff is expert in dealing with different kinds of stains and taking care of all types of fabrics.

When your profession suits look best you can feel more confident in them and present yourself better at important meetings. If an urgent professional situation arises you do not have to worry about the availability of a clean professional suit, instead, you need to focus on your work. The Laundry place can help you at any hour. Our outlets are open for service 24 hours a day, every day of the week. You can request a pick and drop service and also enjoy our urgent dry cleaning service where you can bet your clean laundry in 5 hours. At The Laundry Place, we make sure you are always prepared for special occasions and important moments to deliver your best with confidence.

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