Tips from Dry Cleaners to Care for “Dry Clean Only” Shirts

  1. Tips from Dry Cleaners to Care for “Dry Clean Only” Shirts

The dry clean only shirts or clothing articles are labelled so because they are not suitable for withstanding the brutal machine washing and water doesn’t go with the fibre of the fabric. To save the cost of dry cleaning you can altogether avoid buying dry clean only shirt, but the truth is most elegant looking and beautiful shirts are always labelled dry clean only.


If you have read why you should dry clean your expensive items, it will be clear to you how dry cleaning preserves the newness of your clothes. You will be surprised to know that dry cleaning your shirts actually increases the life of your shirts and thus save you money in the long run. This is one of the five reasons you should use drycleaning service.


Store appropriately

Store your dry clean only shirts in airtight plastic bags so they do not catch dust or get moisture stains while not in use.


Spot treat the stains

If you do not want to take your shirt to dry cleaning service every time you stain your shirt, that is ok. You can spot-treat the stains at home. Make sure you act fast and wipe the stain with a dry paper towel before the shirt absorbs it all. Try the stain remover on a non-obvious spot before actually trying it on stain just to make sure it will not damage the shirt. Use a stain remover that is preferably not water-based. Petroleum-based remover works the best.


Do not waste Money on Dry Clean at Home Kits

These kits contrary to what their name implies do require water to clean your clothes which of course is not a good choice for dry clean only clothes. Even the stain remover in those kits is water-based, again harmful for clothes and useless for oil-based stains. Besides they are not efficient on stains specifically on larger or more stubborn stains, so what is even the point of spending money on this product and putting so much effort in trying to clean those article? If you have stain problem try spot treating them and send the article to dry cleaners when it clearly starts to look worn out.


How frequently you need to dry clean?

Obviously, dry cleaning feels to be more expensive than machine washing (although it gives longevity of life to shirts), so many people do not want to take the shirt for dry cleaning after every use. That’s ok if you didn’t sweat in the shirt so heavily that it is stained and stinky, just hang it in a plastic bag, take it out for next use, freshen up the press and reuse. If it has any stains, be sure to remove stains before storing the shirt. You can send the shirt for dry cleaning after 2 to 3 uses.

At The Laundry Place, we have staff with years of experience that know techniques to take out stains in the most gentle but effective way, so your expensive professional outfits are not damaged. You get the best care for your clothes in a market competitive way. This way you spend less on laundry or dry clean and get the maximum use out of your clothes. We also offer to pick and drop services, or you can drop your laundry at any of our outlets near you.


We understand that professional emergencies happen and last minute meeting calls can be stressful, but you do not have to worry about washing or dry cleaning your outfit. We are open 24/7 and offer emergency dry cleaning service, so you can drop your shirt at the middle of the night and pick it up in the morning on your way to the office.


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