How to Clean Your Shower Curtains -Tips from Professional Cleaning Services

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While you clean your bathroom, you scrub hard the tub, tiles and all but somehow you skip the shower curtain very often. There are two reasons for that, cleaning the shower curtain seems like a hard job, and you really are not sure how to do it. You can’t decide if you want to scrub it, hand wash it or throw in the washing machine, especially if its the cheap plastic one. Just because it is not as expensive as your other curtains, doesn’t mean you can just throw it out and get a new one every time it starts looking dirty. Ignore the dirty shower curtain for a few weeks and it will even become mouldy. This can cause respiratory and skin infections to you and your family. It’s dangerous to health and you should regularly clean your shower curtain. We will share some tips on how professional cleaners clean shower curtains when they come across them:

  1. Don’t delay the wash until the mould to grows on your curtains and you cringe at the sight of your curtain. Be pro-active, take the curtains down and soak them in warm water with two spoons of washing powder and a tablespoon of vinegar to disinfect it. If your curtain is dusty or has mud stains, use a brush to scrub it off.
  2. If the dreaded nightmare has come true and you already have mould growing on your plastic curtain, load it in the washing machine with two to three towels to scrub the plastic without actually damaging it.  Add a cup of vinegar along with water and detergent and run the load cycle at largest load setting. This should effectively clean and disinfect the curtain. You can also use bleaching agent instead of vinegar or add baking soda with vinegar for a more thorough cleaning.
  3. Remember cleaning shower curtain requires more effort than, just washing the plastic or cloth, you have to also think about the curtain rings. Carefully remove the curtain rings from the shower curtain and clean them separately as they too get dirty, cruddy or even mouldy sometimes. Cleaning them is simple and easy and effortless. Just soak them in 2 parts water, one part vinegar for half an hour and they should come out as clean as new.
  4. If you do not wish to wash the shower curtains often, there is a hack for that. Take two cups of water and one cup of vinegar, and pour the mixture in a spray bottle. Add one tablespoon of washing powder in it, tightly close the bottle and shake well. Half an hour before you take a shower, generously spray this mixture on both sides of your shower curtain.  Later when you will take shower the steam will rinse off the detergent and vinegar out of the curtain and you will save effort and time of taking down and washing the shower curtain.

If you don’t want to do all this work just hire professional cleaners for help with cleaning. The Laundry Place has a team of professionally trained staff of house cleaners who are experts in taking out a variety of stains and cleaning tough spots. Feel free to approach them so you spend less time cleaning and doing more of what you actually enjoy.

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