House Cleaning Tips from Professional Cleaning Services

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It is always a relief to come back to a clean and tidy house, on the other hand, household items accumulating dust and dirt could be really off-putting. With years of experience in cleaning, we have gathered knowledge and skills that help us do our job more efficiently and quickly. Today we are sharing some tips from our expert staff that will also help you in your everyday house cleaning and deep cleaning sessions.



1- Divide and Rule


 You can get more organized about your cleaning and save yourself time and effort if you divided your house rooms into two categories, low traffic areas, and high traffic areas. The kitchen, living room and bedrooms are high traffic areas and rest can be low traffic areas. High traffic area gets dirty quicker and demands more frequent cleaning, while low traffic areas are not used often and thus can stay clean for longer periods of time and are easier to clean in general. You can save time by starting from low traffic areas as you will finish them quicker and feel more motivated to complete the task or you can completely skip the low traffic areas on alternative house cleaning missions.


2- Declutter and be more organized


The less cluttered things are in a room or cupboard the less time you will spend cleaning them. Donate what you do not need ay more and recycle what is broken and don’t just hoard stuff. Invest in some organisers to keep your stuff in place and arranged so you can go through them easily, this will not help you in cleaning only but will also save time in everyday life. You can fit organizers in your kitchen draws and cabinets, your wardrobe and pantry. Also use separate laundry baskets for fragile, coloured clothes and whites so you do not have to spend time sorting out laundry before you start to wash them.  Arrange your clothes in the wardrobe neatly so sorting out outfits is easier. 


3- The top to Bottom Rule saves the time


While cleaning a room, always start from higher places and work your way downwards to the floor. Clean the ceiling, fans, airconditioning outlets, any decorative hanging items, dust off the walls, window sills and shelves, take out any cobwebs, then move to furniture before finally cleaning the baseboards and floor. This way you do not have to worry where the dust, pet hair and dirt is falling and you can work with more speed and finish early, saving your time.


4- Hard plastic can go in Dishwasher


Make the maximum use of this knowledge and clean anything made out of hard plastic that can fit in the top shelf of dishwasher easily. You can throw in your soap dishes, toothbrush holders, range hood filters, dish drains, Refrigerator Shelves and Bins, makeup or medicine organizers, plastic combs and plastic toys like building blocks


5- Rubber and silicon are ok in Dishwasher


You will be surprised to know you can clean those rubber ducks and even flipflops in the dishwasher. If you have any other rubber or silicon articles ranging from pacifiers and teething rings to car rubber floor mats of your car, all these articles can be cleaned in your dishwasher.


6- Steam the stains out of your microwave


After repeatedly heating pasta and gravy in your microwave you will notice that greasy stains have started to appear on the inner side of the microwave. Prepare a diluted mixture of soapy water, lemon juice or vinegar in a microwaveable bowl with a capacity of four cup liquid. Heat it in the microwave for 5 minutes or until you see the steam mistifying the glass of the door. Let it cool down for another two minutes before gently rubbing off the accumulated greasy stains. Wash the rotating dish in the microwave in your dishwasher effortlessly.


7- Squeegee the bath area after every use


Squeegee is a cleaning tool with a short handle that is used to wipe out the moisture on solid surfaces like windscreens, kitchen and bathroom tiles and glass windows. Keep a squeegee hand in your bathroom area and ask your family members to squeegee the walls of the bath after every use and this way you can avoid cleaning the bath, tiles, and walls for a longer period.


8- Swap your soap for better


Your conventional bath soap is a tallow-based soap, that can leave white, gummy crusty soap marks on your shower walls. After some time these marks catch dust and turn grey which looks revoltingly ugly. Instead, opt for glycerin- or vegetable oil-based soap so the walls of your bath gleam and stay clean for longer.

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