House Cleaning Service Shares Cleaning Hacks for Lazy People

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Doing the house cleaning all on your own when you can not call a cleaning service to help can seem like a huge burden. Procrastinating and wishings the house will clean itself can be a huge mistake. Things can pile up if you are lazy with cleaning chores, and it will take more time to do them compared to if you had been doing them regularly. Using plastic foil to cover your plates, so you do not have to wash your dishes is a hack very popular on the internet, but it is not eco friendly as it creates plastic waste. The Laundry Place is always dedicated towards eco-friendly methods. We have gathered a list of clever hacks with the help of our experienced staff that can do the trick with little effort in no time.

Start with your bed

According to professional trainers who work with successful executives and entrepreneurs the best way to start your day is by making your bed, it gives you a sense of achievement. It also makes your bedroom look much more cleaner instantly. 

Take cleaning breaks

After every hour, take ten minutes break from whatever you are doing and clean a little. This will divide the cleaning chore into small sections and it will not feel like a burden anymore. It is also good for your health especially if you are in the habit of sitting in front of a screen for hours.

Squeegees are your friend

Buy some nice squeegees for easy cleaning of glass, mirrors and tiled walls, and keep one in your bathroom. Squeegee the streamy walls and wet floor after every bath and you will spend less time cleaning your bathroom. 

Toothbrushes and paint brushers are handy tools

If you are as organised about cleaning as you should be, you must have a cleaning tool kit at your home which contains cleaning chemicals and tools of your choice. Toothbrush and paintbrush can be an awesome addition to your tool kit as they can help you in reaching difficult spots and keeping the damage of spot treatment to the minimum.

Declutter and organise

The more organised your space is, the easier it is to clean. When you know exactly where you can find each thing you spend less time cleaning stuff around. The more cluttered any space has, the more difficult it is to clean as clutter seems to catch the most dust and its time consuming to go through the clutter to sort it all out. It is best that you have serious decluttering sessions twice a month. Adopt a minimalistic lifestyle, fewer things you have less you will need to clean.

Let the path lead you

Following a cleaning path is very important as it minimizes the effort to keep the things clean. The cleaning path goes from top to bottom, from inside outside. Start with the room that is furthest from the outside and move your way to the outside, Start with the taking off the spider webs and dust from the ceiling, dusting the tallest furniture in the room, move to the lower shelves, tables and other furniture before finally cleaning the floor.

Skip the bucket, grab the bottle

Pushing a heavy mop bucket around the house while you clean can take a toll on your back muscles and cause pain, this will make the chore feel more repelling than it has to be. Simply replace the bucket with a big spray bottle and voila problem solved. You can easily refill the bottle as many times as you have to without breaking your back and it’s eco friendly because you will be using less water this way and leaving less mess behind.

Get the most out of washing machine

The washing machine has to be one of the coolest inventions for lazy people. It cleans our piles of dirty laundry without you having to do much. Did you know you can wash much more than just laundry in your washing machine like sneakers, plastic and plush toys, mittens, Sponges and loofahs, and car seat covers? Read a more detailed article on how you can wash these articles in the machine without damaging them.

Invest in Sofa Covers

It is important to have clean sofas when you are expecting company. Best way to keep the dust and stains of your sofa and upholstery is to invest in removable covers. These covers are machine washable and your sofa stay clean and presentable anytime you have a visitor. Drop spaghetti sauce on your sofa while having a cosy snack time? Don’t worry read this article for more sofa cleaning hacks.


Make the best use of these tips and if you have any queries, feel free to approach us. Our team is eager to help you and take challenging cleaning tasks to make you feel comfortable in a clean and healthy environment at your home.

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