When was the last time you gave your pillows a really good clean?


We don’t mean just changing the pillowcases.

We mean a real, honest-to-goodness clean. The kind we’re all supposed to be doing once every six months or so.

Wait. Once every six months?

Most of us use our pillows every single day for at least 7 hours straight. All of the dirt from the day and (even if you shower right before bed) the oils produced constantly from our scalps seep through our pillowcases into our pillows themselves.

Oils, skin cells, and sweat (we know it’s gross) eventually lead to the breakdown of fibres and the discolouration of the pillows – not to mention the bacterial growth and dust mites (again, gross).

None of these things are very good for us to be in close contact with every night.

Although you can wash certain kinds of pillows at home in your washing machine, it is still a little bit nerve-racking for many people.

Now, even if you take regular care of them, there comes a day when every pillow should be replaced. It’s just that many people don’t know when that day is.

One simple test you can try at home is the fold test. Basically, fold your pillow in half and if it doesn’t spring back into its normal flat form right away, it is probably time for a replacement!

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