How Cleaning service company removes dirt from the carpet?

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While vacuum cleaning your carpet is good for your health and prevents the carpet from looking dingy and dirty, it is important that you schedule deep carpet cleaning every once in a while. Sure you can scrub, mop, and wash the carpet all you want but that will not do the job right and will also damage your carpet. Since carpets do not usually come cheap, you should put in some thought about preserving this expensive investment in the interior of your house or office.  It is recommended that you should hire professional help to get the best cleaning without damaging your carpet. Read here, how often you need to hire a professional cleaning service for carpet cleaning.


While getting coffee stain or wine stains out of your carpet is a completely different matter and requires a different set of tools, the dirt in your carpet can be of three types.

  • The regular dirt
  • FootPrints
  • Mud stains


The technique most people use to deep clean their carpets at home is called shampooing, it is out-dated and has a serious disadvantage. The carpet shampoo is applied on the wet carpet and it takes a long time to air dry the carpet. After drying the shampoo leaves the residue which is difficult to get out completely without damaging the carpet. The carpet becomes sticky due to residue and causes faster re-soiling. It is because of these disadvantages that professionals ditched this technique almost half a century ago in favor of a technique called encapsulation which will be discussed below. In the following sections a detailed discussion about commonly used cleaning techniques different companies use.


1. Encapsulation


Instead of an ordinary detergent or carpet shampoo, professional cleaners use a synthetic detergent referred to as foam encapsulation, which crystallizes quickly into powder form and locks in the dirt. The crystallized powder encapsulating the dirt is conveniently brushed out or vacuumed. Although simple and straight forward, this method is not preferred for heavily soiled carpets.


2. Bonnet Cleaning


This method uses a heavy-duty moisturized machine to clean the top part of carpet fiber. This machine has a spinning pad that is immersed with a cleaning solution to effectively absorb the dirt while cleaning the fibers. This is a quick fix that cleans the upper surface of the carpet without going into deep cleaning.

 As this method involves minimum moisture and carpet dries quickly afterward it is often employed in restaurants and hotels where heavy foot traffic with muddy shoes is a frequent problem. Since the carpets are only cleaned superficially, the dirt deep under the carpet will surface after a short period.

Another shortcoming of this method is that the heavy machine leaves the residue of chemicals on the carpet and sometimes the weight of the machine even pushes the dirt and chemical even further in the carpet.


3. Steam Carpet Cleaning


This method employs a hot water extraction technique where the carpet fiber is loosened up to extract dirt by high pressured hot water. The dirt in the carpet dissolves in water and is conveniently removed. Typically a cleaning agent is applied on the surface of the carpet, through vigorous brushing the carpet fiber is agitated, after which a generous amount of hot water is used to rinse the chemicals and dirt out of the carpet. Usually, companies use a carpet cleaning machine to “wash” the carpet with steamy hot water. It can take some hours for the carpet to dry completely.


4. Dry Cleaning the Carpet


A biodegradable compound that acts as a microsponge to soak up dirt is used as a cleaning chemical in this method. The cleaning compound is sprinkled over the carpet surface generously, and a motorized counter rotating brush machine is used to push it deeper into the carpet. The compound effectively absorbs the dissolved dirt and then is easily removed from the carpet using the carpet cleaning equipment. This is a safe and effective technique, frequently used for offices that need to be functional 24/7, as it is quick and does not involve any drying time.


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