Is it yours, or you just praising your neighbor?

You will be surprised to see your neighbors’ beautiful and neat loose covers. Comparing to your own at home, they are very much different!


It doesn’t only look that bad, but if you tap on its surface, the dust will come out with joy! Know what, you think you have actually provided a homey environment to your neighbors when they come to your home but, in reality, you’re not!

That’s why they are uncomfortable when they come to your house. They feel like going back quickly. They feel uncomfortable with the smell of dust and worse when they get skin irritation quickly.

Your neighbors will talk bad about you. That’s why you are being isolated from them. It’s you who have dropped your own dignity!

Before it’s too late, you need to alter the situation. The solution to your problem is to wash your loose cover. You don’t have to change your sofa set, again and again, to have a new look for your room, but changing the covers is one solution.

Some can be machine washed but some can’t be, the label says it all. So never forget to read the label before conducting any of the methods.

If dry cleaning is indicated then don’t go for a machine wash and if the case is otherwise then you can avail the method easily.

Attract your neighbors again with a beautiful and neat loose cover.

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