Little did you know, curtains can cause serious harm to your family health if left unattended for long periods of time.

When did you last wash your curtain? One month? One year or three years ago?? Are you well aware that all the dust and dirt enters through windows and sticks to your beautiful curtains? Of course no, right?

Despite knowing that, you still let the curtains hung up for many years being exposed to more dirt and dust. You have been passing by the curtains every day, but you still don’t realize that it’s actually hurting your eyes?

If you keep your curtains hanging on without washing them, this could lead your children to be exposed to many diseases such as asthma, coughs and many more. Surely your children can’t play happily, and you can’t see their smile again.

That’s why you need to wash curtains at least once a year or once every six months which is way better. If curtains need dry-cleaning, don’t risk putting the curtains in the washing machine.

If you are dry-cleaning your curtains, you will keep them in good nick, extending the life of the curtains and ensuring that they look and smell clean too.

When your curtains are clean, you need not worry if bacteria want to approach your children because bacteria hates living in the clean curtains.

If you never try to dry clean your curtains, don’t try it by yourself. Find someone who can help you and it’s good if you ask them to do it.

Don’t you think instead of spending your money on medical fees, it is better to save up your expenses and use them to wash your curtains?

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