Do you have a leather jacket? But how do you take care of it or you just ignore it until the time you want to wear the jacket?

Many people don’t really care on how to take care of the jacket though the price tag can reach thousand dollars. Like this jacket, it has Comptoir Des Cotonniers “brand” and it cost of the jacket is more than EUR500 and it’s owned by our customers.

Actually, leather jacket with rarely wear only needs to be cleaned once a year. But you also need to know on the method of washing.

Most of the leather jacket CAN’T BE NORMAL WASH, DRY-CLEAN or even using the DRYER. But please try to break the label rule if you want your jacket to get damaged.

The best solution to wash your leather jacket is by using leather treatment with a special chemical. You need to wax the fabric to get the shining or it will bring back the color.

Don’t try to scrub your leather because the leather will be torn and may cause your appearance to worsen.

Sun fade, pet scratches and worn area cause color loss, dark or discolored spots or missing leather issues need to be restored to its original condition.

Don’t take action like you know everything if you never know how to do it. Send it to the experts as they know the best way to wash your leather jacket. Surely they will make your jacket clean and shine.

If you follow the rule of your jacket label, for sure your leather jacket can make you look stylish and tidy. #Feelthedifference after you keep on taking care of your leather jacket properly.

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