You deserve to get beauty sleep if you have a clean comforter.

The comforter is the most important tool to get a comfortable sleep especially when the weather is cold. It’s your savior from the cold.

But it would not be a savior anymore if the comforter is dirty. If you rarely wash it, it will welcome more bacteria living on it. Wow! You have prepared home for bacteria without you knowing.

According to a dermatologist, dirty comforter not only attracts the bacteria, it also can lead to skin irritation because dirty comforter rubs against your skin while you are sleeping. Now you know, right?!

You don’t get enough sleep and at the same time, you get itchy on your body. How unfortunate is that? Who else needs to be blamed? This problem is no one’s fault…but YOU!

You need to clean the comforter at least once per month especially when you happen to be an allergic victim. But if you don’t have any problems, you can wash it once every 3 months.

When the comforter is clean, you can sleep well until morning. You can wrap your whole body as you want with the clean comforter. Not only you, but everyone else in the house can do this😁.

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