To compare on-site curtain cleaning with removal and immersion cleaning of curtains is like comparing surface cleaning of a shirt by laying it out flat on a draining board and wiping it over with a cloth to immersion washing it in a washing machine.

The results are very, very different!

One method is just surface cleaning to remove light soiling and if carried out every six months or so, may keep clean curtains clean.

However, most of us only clean curtains every two or three years and there is a great build up of soiling, dust, pollutants, and allergens. This cannot be successfully removed by on-site surface cleaning.

The items need to be taken down by a specialist, which can properly clean your valuable curtains. Choose a curtain cleaning company that is dedicated to soft furnishing care.

When curtains are taken down and successfully cleaned by a specialist company the results are truly impressive and the life of the curtains is extended by thorough removal of damaging pollutants and chemicals which have built up over time in the fabric.

Stain removal is far more successful within a dedicated curtain cleaning plant where skilled operatives use sophisticated equipment to pre-treat stains and areas of heavy soiling before dry cleaning occurs.

This cannot be achieved when curtains are hanging at a window.

On-site cleaning of curtains should only be carried out where curtains are too weak to be moved or have very light levels of soiling, otherwise go for the right method of cleaning as recommended by fabric manufacturers for top quality results.

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