Don’t you ever realize this? You already spread the bacteria to your body every day!😱

How many times do you use your towel and how many times do you wash it? Or you just wash your towel when it is smelly? 🤨You only use your towel after scrubbing off in the shower, so it can’t get all that dirty, right? Not so fast.

Actually, when you say you wash off bacteria, you’re partially correct, because you wash off only some bacteria. For others, they will stick around, and they get on your towel during your post-shower rubdown.

Once those bacteria are on there, it keeps spreading as you use the towel, again and again, day after day. If you don’t wash your towel frequently, bacteria will continue to multiply and become a factor of your frequent sickness.

Not only you, your children also will get the same effect. If you are lazy to keep your towel clean, it means you don’t even love family. You just let bacteria approach your children and attack them easily.😰

If the illness is fatal, how can you continue yours with life? You can only see your children in your album and memory.

That’s why you need to wash your bath towels every two or three days and dry your towel after using it. Bacteria don’t like clean and dry towels because wet towels are the best way for them to grow.

If you feel that you have no time to wash your towel regularly, ask someone to help you or send your towel to the expert as they can wash your towel well. Your towel will be clean and fragrant.

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