Travel is the most fun activity in life. Whether you choose to spend a few years or just a couple months traveling this beautiful planet, it’s important to see what’s out there.

For sure if you want to travel, you need to plan your trip especially for your hotels, destination, and your clothes.

No matter when and where you’re traveling, your basic carry on packing list shouldn’t change much. Here are suggestions what clothes you can put in your bag for when you want to travel to cool or winter country.

You need a clothing system that allows you to shed layers quickly and easily before you get damp from perspiration. For temperatures above 13 deg C, one can get away with keeping the layers minimal and thin.

A wool-blend coat paired with a light cotton cardigan and pants should suffice. For those who feel cold easily, cotton thermal underwear is a good addition as it is comfortable and not too warm.

It is important to choose leather ones as they keep your hands and feet insulated, while also keeping them dry if it rains.

When temperatures drop into the single digits, you need to be aware that important to step up the level of insulation with the right fabrics.

For example, thermal innerwear made from acrylic, rayon or polyester is a must as it is breathable and wicks sweat away, keeping you dry and warm.

And simple reminder, don’t forget to clean your winter clothes and keep it at the right place.


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