Nobody can be liked by everybody, but most of the time it’s important for your career to become more likable and respected.

We all want is to be liked. YES! But, perhaps more importantly in the workplace, what we want is all to be respected. Respect is so important when it comes to career development, when people look for you for your ideas, choose you as the best person to participate in project.

When the employer thinks about who’s getting promotion or raises, YES! It’s should be no one else but YOU! Unfortunately, it’s only in your dream! 😏

You are still struggling to make people like you? Forget about respect if they don’t even like you. These things will make you extremely unhappy.

What if you woke up the next day and your boss told you that you are fired? Or suddenly laid off? Who will be the first one chosen to be kicked? If you are not the favorite person definitely you are the first on the list.

What will happen to you? Don’t you feel ashamed? How about your family? Can they accept your fate? Where do they wanna put their face? Are you not worried losing them? Don’t let this happened and destroy your happiness.

Would you like your life to improve if you are able to instantly connect with new people you meet? To have people trust you, like you and want to do you favors?

Clothes are the very first signal that defined who you are. Everyone you meet automatically and subconsciously judges you based on your appearance and what you are wearing.

When you are at work, do you put on formal clothes like SUIT to make you feel powerful? YES? But over the time you lose your confidence and people’s interest in you?

No point for you to buy branded Suits if you do not know how to maintain them. They must be cleaned by a professional dry cleaner to sustain the shape and color. It will always look like a brand-new suit if you take a good care of it.

Suit can only be dry cleaning. It cannot be cleaned using water. If you use water to clean it you will lose your suit entirely.

Your suit will no longer be shining and smooth, the fabric will be damaged where normally the string will come out and shrink.

When you wear the damaged suit, your appearance will no longer as good as your first appearance. Don’t make you lose your respect from others too.

Having a trustworthy and reliable Dry Cleaner is important for your career.

Take action before it’s too late.

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