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While stain removers will promise you anything to get your money, truth is there are at least a dozen different types of stains which need a different type of treatments to be removed from fabric without damaging it. Also, a silk blouse or woolen top will require a different type of treatment than a regular cotton shirt. Your best bet is to just send the shirt to the laundry so the experts will handle it and remove the stain in the most gentle but effective way possible. If that is not an option for you, we are here to help. In this article, we will explain how you can take out 12 different types of stains efficiently like a pro.

As a general rule of thumb, most stains have a first-aid treatment that needs to be done as soon as the stain appears or is detected. The general rule is to remove the excess, the bolt doesn’t scrub or rub, run under cold water or apply ice cube. It is also recommended not to put the stained shirt in the dryer until the stain is completely gone, or else the heat in the dryer will permanently set the stain in. Now let’s get to the details of getting different kinds of stains out.


1. The colour bleed accident


When you wash your coloured clothes together and dye from one shirt or trouser bleeds out and get on another, it can effectively ruin your shirt, unless you know how to get the dye stain out. This is what you need to do, soak your shirt in oxygenized non- chlorine bleach for eight hours straight (or leave overnight. Rinse and repeat if needed until the stain is completely gone, that wash and dry as normal.


2. Organic protein-based stains


This includes coffee, milk-based drinks, vomit, breast milk, blood, and any other bodily fluids. If the stain is fresh run under tap water immediately. If it has dried and is crusty gently scrape off crusty layer using a brush. After this soak it in water and enzyme activated detergent for half an hour. Rinse and now soak in oxygenized non- chlorine bleach for next half an hour. This should remove the stain effectively. If some smell lingers on use a detergent that is specifically made to remove odour rather than masking it. Here is a complete guide for removing coffee stains on any surface.


3. Red Wine Spills


One of the hardest wine stains is red wine because of its pigmentation. While the stain is fresh sprinkle some salt on it, as it will absorb the colour and turn pink. Brush off the salt and spot treat the stain with a half and half solution of enzymatic detergent and water. Let the paste sit on the stain for an hour and then rinse off  (Repeat if the stain is still there until it’s gone).  Wash as normal.


4. Grass, Plant fluids, Fruits and Fruit Juice stains


Run the stain under cold water and spot treat the stain with a spoon full of enzymatic laundry detergent. Spread the detergent over the stain, covering it completely. Let it sit for half an hour and then without rinsing off the detergent from the stain wash with your laundry.


5. Tomato sauce, ketchup, gravy stains and Grease stains


Ketchup stains are different from other fruit juice stains as they have oil in it which needs a different type of treatment. You will treat a ketchup stain same as a gravy stain or grease stain. Spot treat with the dishwashing detergent, let it sit for a half-hour and gently scrub off (repeat if needed). If the stain still remains, apply enzymatic laundry detergent and let it sit for half an hour. This should effectively remove the stain, wash as normal. Here is a great article on how to take care of your washing machine for a better functioning and long life.


6. Mud Stains


Do not try to bolt, scrub or rub off the stains immediately as it will make things worse. Resist the urge to get rid of stains right away and let the mud dry. Scape of the crusty layer gently and then apply a paste of half part laundry detergent and half part water, completely covering the stain. Gently scrub making the studs, rinse and repeat if needed and toss the shirt back in the laundry basket.


7. Ink Stains


When your permanent ink pen leaks in your pocket or a shower of ink comes flying over your shirt, these are believed to be one of the hardest stains, but they are really not. It is believed so because people have been trying to treat them in the wrong way. Do not run it under tap water, hot or cold water. This may cause the stain to spread. Use a paper towel to blot the stain immediately. Once the sain has dried, place a piece of clean paper towel or scrap fabric under the stain, and generously pour out hairspray on the spot, this will dilute the ink stain, blot and repeat until the stain is completely out. Wash the shirt normally.


8. Combination stains


 Stains like makeup and icecream are complex because they have oil, dairy, pigmentation and other combination of ingredients that need to be cleaned differently and if treated in a wrong way can set in the stain permanently instead of removing it. First, treat the oil in the stain by rinsing the access and applying the dishwashing liquid on the stain, scrub gently, rinse and now apply the enzymatic detergent paste for protein-based ingredients on the spot, leave for half an hour and rinse off. In the end, spot treat with oxygenized non- chlorine bleach to remove pigment-based ingredients. If the fabric is colourfast, finish with equal parts of white vinegar and water. This should clear out the stain and now you can wash the shirt with your normal laundry.

We sincerely hope this guide has helped you treat the stains that are puzzling and stubborn. If you need your garments to be treated professionally, you can request or pick and drop service or drop your laundry at any of our outlets.


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