So, you let your clothes hit the top of your basket just because you are traumatized with detergent stains?

Have you ever faced problem on choosing proper detergents for your cloths? Most of the time, people would choose detergents to their preference, not their cloths’.

And…guess what? Detergent stains will be all over on the shirts after the washing! What (who) is to be blamed? Of course, your detergent🙄 (duhhh).

There you go, blaming not only the brand of the detergent but the store that sold the detergent too. Wait, what?? You wanna claim for your lost? Come on, who’s fault is it to not being particular? No other but…’s you!!

You SHOULD know which detergent can and fit your cloth materials. Before cleaning or washing your cloths, you should determine the method you wanna use; either hand washing or using washer machine. Then, consider a proper detergent that is convenient to your method chosen 🤗.

First of all, of course, the most significant difference between liquid and powder detergents is on their texture. If you still can’t see the different, means there’s something wrong with you😅.

Ok, kidding😁. Basically, powder detergents are cheaper than liquid ones. But, you need to consider, if you are using washing machine it is not good enough to dissolve the detergents. While powder detergents are more effective during hand wash.

Liquid detergents might be more expensive than powder detergents, but liquid detergents are more efficient when washing cloths using washer machine as it is easier to dissolve in water compared to powder detergents. And with this, you won’t see detergent stains on your cloths anymore. Yeayyyy💃.

Hopefully, you will not go wrong to make the choice anymore. Don’t blame the detergent products before you study them first.

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