Don’t just follow your heart if you don’t want your clothes damaged.

But now we can find on the washing machine. Anyone who is diligent to wash clothes in the laundry, or has a quality washing machine, will certainly know the existence of these three water selections.

The 3 choices of water are hot water, warm water, and cold water

Does everybody know to use or choose which one is appropriate to wash your shirt?

Take a minute to read the care labels on each piece of clothing. You’ll find the information you need to choose both your water temperature and the type of washing cycle.

Follow the recommendations on the label is very important especially if you are a laundry novice or your garment is new.

When to Use Warm Water

For most people, the majority of their laundry is washed with warm water. Warm water is actually exactly what it sounds like, a mix of hot and cold. Warm water is usually the best choice for permanent press and jeans.

In addition, it allows good cleaning action without as much fading, wrinkling, and shrinking.

When to Use Hot Water

Most linens and white clothing are washed in hot water to remove germs and heavy soil. 

However, many of our clothes will not come out looking very nice if they are washed in hot water. Hot water tends to make some clothing shrink, wrinkle, and fade.

Take a note: different colors may turn out splotchy after using hot water. Other fabrics are delicate and don’t respond well to high temperatures.

When to Use Cold Water

Cold water is usually used for delicate items or items with instructions to be washed in cold water. It’s also the best options for clothing that have bright colors that may run or fade at higher temperatures.

If your cold water items are heavily soiled or dirty, you need to be especially diligent about checking and pre-treating for stains.

You may also have to wash the items for longer or allow them to soak before washing if they are heavily soiled.



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