Do you have pretty stubborn stain of chicken rendang on your shirt? Many times you’ve tried to get rid of the stain, but it doesn’t work!

Don’t panic. We’ve got some idea to solve your problem. Don’t worry whether the chicken is crispy or not, you still can use this method.

1. Rub glycerine into the stain with your fingertips and let it sit for a few minutes.

2. Rinse with cool water.

3. Launder, using the hottest water and the type of bleach (chlorine bleach preferred) that are safe for the fabric


Maybe you can use lemon juice to remove the stain? Yes lemon juice is a natural bleach.

1. Try squeeze a little onto the stain and leave for about 15 minutes for a simple solution that’s also kind to soft young skin.

2. If the spillage happens in a restaurant, just ask the waiter or waitress for a slice of lemon and discreetly apply it to the stain to start acting before you can give it a proper wash at home.

Good luck and don’t hate chicken rendang.😁

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