It must be a joy having your boss complimenting on your attire.

When you attended any interviews previously, you had no chance to introduce yourself, but you have been chased out from the room😅. Hurmmmmmmm…what’s excatly wrong..with u??
Before pointing your fingers to others, look at yourself first!

The faded shirt that you wore!! It looked like you’ve been wearing it for yearssssss but in reality, you wore it only for few times! You put on blazer to cover the faded shirt? Come on, how lame is that? The faded shirt is going to look the same 🙄.

You know what? All this while, you have been washing the shirt in a wrong way! And of course, the blazer too. You simply put your shirt and blazer into your washing machine. No no no! Check on the labels first! If the symbol stated O, means it needs dry cleaning!

When you wash your shirt accordingly, it definitely looks brand new! Wearing it to your interview, it’s a 100% guarantee of you being hired!😁

“But where can I dry clean my shirt? I had no idea that shirt needs to be washed according to its label!”.

No worries! We are the expert! We’ll make sure your shirt (and you..hehe) shine and always look vibrant!😎

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