Do you think customers would fancy your products if your appearance doesn’t display any?

On your way to an appointment with your customer, from far away you notice someone is looking and smiling at you. That has made you wonder why is he/she giving you such attention.

Is it because I am wearing branded shoes or perhaps because of my good look?

Maybe, maybe being good looking is a bonus for you. But you know what adds to that? NEAT CLOTH AND ATTIRE! Can you just imagine being a good looking person yet wearing a wrinkled shirt?

Eeuwwww! Your products are already presented based on your wrinkled shirt!!

Guess what? You might lose your customer! Blame no one but your wrinkled shirt! Not only that, you will lose people’s trust to you especially your boss! Your boss will fire you because you are not committed to your work.

Make none of these mistakes if you don’t want to lose your customers. Make sure you are wearing clothes that are well washed and neatly ironed before you step out of the house.

But, have no time to do all of this due to many appointments that you have to attend? Stay calm and don’t feel messy. Find someone who can help you to manage your clothes as easy as you got more customers.

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