Wearing your beautiful and neat favorite clothes make you feel great and believe in yourself, incredibly more.

Your emotional state plays a huge role in your outfit today. Clothing doesn’t just influence others but it reflects and influences the wearer’s mood.

A 2012 study by Professor Karen Pine, from the psychology department at the University of Hertfordshire in Britain, found 62% would put on their favorite dress when they are happy, compared to 6% when they are sad.

But what will happen if your favorite cloth is damaged when you washed it with wrong techniques?

It does not only destroy your mood, but this will make you feel uncomfortable to meet others because you have lost your confidence when you can‘t wear your favorite cloth.

If you aren’t confident with yourself, you will lose respect and trust from others. What you do and what you say it is no longer appreciated anymore! If people don’t believe in you, who else then?

Nobody! Listen here, NOBODY. Means you are alone. You’ve lost yourself and the people around you. You see how much impact could it give when losing your favorite shirts by having them washed with wrong technique?

Therefore, reading the symbol on the label of clothes is the main and most important step before you start your laundry.

If your cloth needs to dry-cleaning, don’t even try to put your cloth in the wash cycle if you don’t want your favorite cloth ending up to be only in your memory.

If you wash your favorite clothes with a dry-clean technique, it does not only cheer your day, but others will be impressed because you can take care of your clothes very well.

All the reasons are caused by dry cleaning! Dry cleaning can keep your favorite clothes color from fading and will lengthen the age of your favorite shirts. It means that you can always wear your favorite clothes💃.

If you never try to dry clean your clothes, don’t try it by yourself. Find someone who can help you and it’s good if you ask them to do it. We mean, the laundry expert. They will definitely treat your garments as if they are their own.

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