Will Dry Cleaning Make My Clothes Last Longer?

Many of us see dry cleaning as one of those simple facts of life. It’s taken for granted that this is something you’re supposed to do for your delicate garments.

Will it really make them last longer?

The simple answer is “YES” – and here’s why:

Dry Cleaning is Less-Abrasive than Washing Machines

Some fabrics are particularly sensitive to water immersion, and/or to the heat and agitation that takes place inside most commercial washing machines.

But because dry cleaning drums tumble more slowly and gently – and because the process does not use water – your delicate clothes experience less wear & tear.


Dry Cleaning Preserves Fabric Qualities

Tears and shrinkage are awful, but they aren’t the only way in which machine washing can harm your clothing. 

Using a gentle solvent dry cleaning like perc, rather than hot water and soapy detergent, will also better preserve the color and texture of your fabrics.

If you’ve ever seen a frayed and blotchy wool sweater or a silk dress, you’ve probably witnessed machine-induced damage.


Dry Cleaning Tackles Tough Stains

The solvent used in dry cleaning penetrates deeply, dissolving and removing the oils, odors, and tough stains that diminish the garment’s value.

As a result, your clothing and linens will maintain that fresh and new look for a much longer period of time.


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