It must be fun if someone said your appearance doesn’t show your current age (younger, of course😁).

Have you ever been in situation people mistakenly guessed your age, especially those you never met before? What’s your reaction when they said you look younger than your real age?

Haha surely you will be proud when someone praised you such way. Even a week has passed, the smile is still on your face because you still remember how young you could look with such attire💃.

Actually, they’re innocent.😌 What makes them deceived by your age is the way you dress. yes! That’s the reason why you need to be smart in dressing up because nowadays people always judge according to what they see.😎

If you want to know, we can combine our clothes not more than 3 colors. The combination of natural colors and cheerful colors like light blue, peach, orange or pink can make you look younger than your actual age. 🤩

If you have colored clothes like this, make sure to wash your clothes by dry cleaning based on the label on the shirt. For sure dry cleaning can keep the color and quality of the fabric of your clothes.

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