How safe is a commercial laundry service?

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Whether you are referring to safety in terms of reliability of the service provider, or usage of safe and environment-friendly detergents for better life of your clothes and your own health, it will be discussed here. Knowing for certain that the laundry service providing company you are trusting genuinely cares about you and your well being is important for them.
Don’t trust the advertisement, but the word of mouth or you can inspect and learn with trial and error.
It is not necessary that the most popular brand of the laundry service provider will offer the best care and safety. In fact, it can be actually opposite in some cases. With a larger number of clients to handle the companies can become careless about their standards and staff they are hiring or the chemicals, they are using. Such carelessness can cost the clients a lot sometimes. As these brands have a huge list of clients and advertisement campaigns bringing in more clients each day they can hardly care about losing a few clients.
On the other hand, small outlets who are new in business and have little knowledge of what they are doing could also be a risk. They are learning through their mistakes but you do not want to be part of their experiments with business. It carries a host of risks which you certainly do not want to get involved with. Your outfits are an important investment in your looks and help you make a good impression, and good clothes come with a big price tag which can not be put to risk. Your professional suits are the most expensive clothing items you own and they require special care. Often they are dry clean only items and a laundry service provider need to able to distinguish such items from regular laundry. Your laundry might also include some delicate fabric which requires gentle handling rather than rough treatment of washing machine. To keep your clothes safe you need to find a laundry service which is professional and expert. You will need to inquire if their staff is educated and trained about the temperature of the water and other machine settings.
Companies that value each client on an individual level and handpick the staff which is dedicated and eager to help customers are hard to find. Only the best and authentic service provider with a higher set of ethics can guarantee this level of satisfaction.
A company that will send a different employee each time to pick and drop your laundry or will not care about allergenic content of harsh chemicals they use is neither professional nor cares about your money or health. The thought of having a stranger bring in your clothes and sneezing on the clothes you plan on wearing that evening might give you a reasonable amount of anxiety. Such businesses might not have your best interest at heart.
Here is a list of questions to ensure safety and quality of work which you can ask any laundry service provider or cleaning company before handing them your business.
We at The Laundry Place have very high standards for the quality of services and safety of the clothes that we are trusted with. We also offer a coin-based system if you prefer to self-service. This represents our transparency about the chemicals we use. You can also use free fragrance and softeners available at our outlets.

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